Welcome to Michael’s Amazing Tours web site

Michael’s Amazing tours is a fully licensed tour operator as well as a travel agency based in Athens Greece. Our specialism is to design, organize, and operate private tours in Athens and in all Greece. The founder of this web site is Michael, one of the best tour drivers in Athens.


Michael has more than 20 years’ experience, he is the manager of the Company and all the drivers have been trained by him.

We can say that the drivers who work with us are all exceptionally good tour drivers, they speak fluent English ,they are very polite, very experienced, very responsible and agreeable. We are all Greeks, we love our country and we are very proud of it.

Michael’s Amazing Tours is not a big company, but I am glad we have only happy customers and a lot of friends all around the world. We hope you will be the next one!!

About our service.

We strongly believe that those people who wish to make a private tour expect to have much more than a simple driver. We know that your time in Greece is limited .Therefore ,we have to work hard in order to make your stay with us unforgettable. We also know that for the most of you, a trip in our country is a life dream so we always try to transform your dream into an amazing and a memorable experience.  We provide our assistance in any of your steps during your stay in Greece so be sure you will feel extremely comfortable and safe.

We help our guests to experience the Greek habits, taste the authentic Greek cuisine and we always keep you far away from all the tourist traps.

About our tours

All our tours are private. Therefore, they are very flexible as well.

We design the tours after a lot of study and all our tours are proved to work.

We make ourselves inspection tours in order to explore nicer places and landscapes to enrich our itineraries with hidden treasures and we update our tours very often.

We know the best spots for photography lovers, the sunset lovers, and the lovers of natural beauty.

Feel free to request any change you wish for your own tour and we will let you know if this change is worthy.

Our priorities

Our priority is your safety during the time you are with us.

We always think positive and we always trying to transform your desires into a reality.

Our goal is  to make our guests happy.

We will be happy to welcome you in Greece and offer you our best services.

We are sure you won’t want to say goodbye in the end!!!



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