This tour includes the visit of two monasteries in Attica. Starting from our meeting point, we head to the foot of Hymettus, at the location of Kalopoula, which today is called Kaisariani.
During the early Christian years, a temple was built there, which no longer exists. The present monastery was built in the 11th century and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The monastery was financially self-sufficient, had the richest library and was a cultural center for the city of Athens. It was shut down by decree of King Otto of Greece in 1833, along with 412 other monasteries. The monastery is included in the archaeological sites list.

Finishing the visit to the monastery of Kaisariani, we head north for about 40 km, in the Nea Makri region. At the foot of the “Amomon” mountain (Mount of the Immaculate), we find the monastery of St. Ephraim. The Saint, who took this name after he was ordained as monk, was previously known as Constantine. In 1424, during the Ottoman rule, there was a large massacre of the monks. On that particular day, St. Ephraim was in a mountain cave practicing asceticism, so he survived the massacre (he used to go to the monastery seldom, in order to perform mass). On September 14, 1425 (day of Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Greece), the Turks entered the monastery and arrested the monk. He was put to terrible torture for several months, in order to disclose fictional treasures. The Saint died on May 25, 1426, hung upside down and nailed to a mulberry tree (which still exists). His relics were found by divine intervention, and they are worshipped every day, by many people.

After visiting the monastery, we return to Athens.

Duration: 5-6 hours approx