The tour includes the visit of two monasteries in the area of ​​Mandra Attica and Loutraki. Starting from Athens and heading towards Loutraki, we make our first stop in Mandra, at the monastery of Panagia Gorgoepikoos (She who is quick at listening) named so, because Virgin Mary fulfils the wishes of visitors and meets their requests. The monastery is located on a hilltop overlooking the Saronic Gulf.
After finishing the visit to the monastery, we continue, and about 50 minutes later, and having passed the area of ​​Loutraki, we climb the slopes of Mount Geraneia. We will reach the monastery of St. Patapios, the most important of a series of monasteries in the area. The greatest reward of the visitor is the pilgrimage of the Saint’s relics, next to the monastery. The relics were found in 1904, when a group of peasants was digging the cave in order to broaden the space. The relics were found preserved and fragrant.
The relics had been transferred there after the fall of Constantinople in 1453, in order to be protected from the Ottomans. They were placed in the cave, which was also used as a hermitage, which later was deserted. So the relics were found just 100 years ago.
After finishing our visit and enjoying the beautiful view, we return to Athens.
 There is the option of extending the tour, including lunch, a visit to the Corinth Canal and the Ancient City of Corinth where the Apostle Paul taught, as well as a visit to the Fortress of Acrocorinth.
Duration: 6 hours approx