St. John the Russian was born in 1690 in Little Russia (now Ukraine). He fought in the Russo-Turkish War of 1710-1711, where he was captured and sold as a slave to a Turkish officer, who took him to the village of Prokopi in Asia Minor. He remained a faithful Christian, despite the strenuous efforts of the officer to persuade him to change his faith. For the rest of the saint’s story, we will speak during our trip.
Our tour begins at the point where you are located. We head northeast of Athens. Approximately in the middle of our route (after one hour), we stop to photograph the bridge of Chalkida. It is worth noting that the water under the bridge is changing its flow direction every 6 hours, a phenomenon which remains unexplained.
We continue our journey to get to the village of Prokopi Evia, where the church of St. John is located. Many people visit the church to worship the relics of St. John the Russian, and testimonies of the saint’s miracles are numerous. After you finish your pilgrimage, we take our way back.
It is possible to extend the duration of our trip by three hours, in order for you to dine and swim in a beautiful beach. The extrachargeis 50 Euros.

Duration: 7 hours approx


The tour is private

The prices are per vehicle NOT per person

Sedan Mercedes ( 1-3 people )  230 euros Total

Minivan Mercedes (4-7 people ) 280 euros Total