• Thermopylae-Meteora
The amazing monasteries of Meteora are located about 370 kilometers northeast of Athens.
For customers who have the time, I suggest the two-day tour “Delphi – Meteora”. For those who can spend only one day, the trip can still be done, provided that we depart very early in the morning.
Starting from Athens, we travel north, taking the Athens – Lamia National Road.  Our first short stop is at Thermopylae, to photograph the monument of the most courageous warrior, Leonidas, who said to the Persians the famous phrase “Molon Labe” which means “come and get them”.
Continuing, and after passing the towns of Lamia, Karditsa and Trikala, we reach Meteora. A short stop for a cup of coffee and we begin our tour of the Meteora monasteries. Needless to describe to you how special and how beautiful Meteora are! The photos speak for themselves. After we finish the monasteries tour, we will have lunch at a traditional tavern.
We take the way back to Athens, having still in our minds, the images we just saw.

Duration: 12- 13 hours


The tour is private

The prices are per vehicle NOT per person

Sedan Mercedes ( 1-3 people )  420 euros Total

Minivan Mercedes (4-7 people ) 490 euros Total



  • Monastery of  Hosios  Loukas-Delphi-Thermopylae-Meteora.
This is a two-day excursion which gives the customer the opportunity, to visit some of the most interesting places in Greece, such as Delphi and Meteora.
Day 1: We start from Athens and make our first stop 10 minutes at lake Yliki, which provides the irrigation system of Athens with water. We continue our route, passing outside the town of Livadia. We meet the monument erected in honor of the executed citizens by the Nazis, in the village of Distomo, during World War 2.
Passing Distomo, we arrive at the monastery of Hosios Loukas. It is an amazing Byzantine monastery and a UNESCO world heritage site ( pict 1,2,3 ).
Having completed the visit to the monastery, we continue, reaching the Arachova village (famous for its carpets), where we stop to take some photographs ( pict 4 ).
Arriving at Delphi, we visit the place the Ancient Greeks considered to be the center of the earth. There you will see the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia ( pict 5 ), the Castalian Spring, the Roman Agora ( pict 6 ) , the Athenian Treasury ( pict 7 ), the Royal Thrones ( pict 8 ) , the Theater ( pict 9 ), and the Temple of Apollo ( pict 10 ),   in the basement of which (called “Abaton” which means that no one could enter) the priestess Pythia sat and gave her prophecies. The visit is completed by entering the dazzling museum of Delphi ( pict 11, 12 ).
Time for a meal at a traditional Greek tavern in the new village of Delphi! We then continue towards Thermopylae, making short stops to take beautiful photographs of picturesque villages. Arriving at Thermopylae, we make a short stop at the thermal hot waters, flowing in front of us. The next stop is the monument of Leonidas, the famous Spartan warrior, who said to the Persians the famous “Molon Labe” phrase, which means “come and get them” ( pict  13 ).
We continue and after passing the towns of Karditsa and Trikala, we reach Kastraki, and finally to Meteora. There, we find accommodation, rest, have dinner at a Greek restaurant and stay overnight.
Day 2: After you get a good breakfast, we start our tour of the monasteries. The landscapes and the natural environment, as well as the sight of the monasteries on the tops of the rocks, are beyond words!  ( pict 14 -20 ) Finishing our tour of the monasteries and after lunch, we take the way back to Athens.
You will leave this tour, with a sense of utter satisfaction. However, you may need to purchase a new card for your camera because the existing one may have already reached its capacity from the hundreds of beautiful photographs you will have taken!
Duration: 2 days