• Temple of Artemis-Museum
Vravrona is relatively unknown as a region. It is located in the northeast of Athens, inside a rich natural environment.
Starting from Athens, via Attiki Odos, and after passing the area of ​​Markopoulo (famous for its good wines), we arrive at Vravrona. There, between two hills, and very close to the sea, we see the Temple of Artemis, goddess of the hunt and protector of maternity. The Temple of Artemis is located in a natural environment, full of trees. You have the opportunity to admire the Temple and a very interesting museum.
After the visit, we return to the place where we started our tour.

Duration: 4 hous approx.


The tour is private

The prices are per vehicle NOT per person

Sedan Mercedes ( 1-3 people )  160 euros Total

Minivan Mercedes (4-7 people ) 220 euros Total