• Arachova-Delphi –Monastery of  Hosios Loukas-Livadia
One of the greatest monuments of ancient Greece is Delphi, the center of the earth for the ancient world.
Our journey starts in the morning as we head northwest of Athens.
Our first short stop is made after about an hour, at Lake Yliki to take pictures of the lake which supplies water to the irrigation system of Athens (pict 1 ).
Continuing, and after passing the town of Livadia, we make a short stop to discover some modern history outside the village of Distomo. There, we will visit the Tomb of the residents of Karacolithos( pict 2 )  executed by the Nazis, during World War 2.
A little later, we will see the village of Arachova (famous for its carpets), which looks like it is “hanging” from the foot of Mt. Parnassus ( pict 3 ).
Not much further, we reach our final destination, Delphi.
During your visit, you will see the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia, ( pict 4 )   the Roman Agora
( pict 5 ), the Athenian Treasury ( pict 6 ), the Royal Thrones ( pict 7 ), the ancient theater
( pict 8 ),
the Stadium and finally, the Temple of Apollo ( pict 9, 10 ) in the basement of which (Abaton) the
priestess Pythia sat, and gave her prophecies. You will also see the Castalian Spring.
You will then visit the dazzling museum with its many statues, artifacts, and other beautiful exhibits ( pict 11, 12 ).
Time to dine and relax at a traditional Greek restaurant!
On the way back we will visit the monastery of Hosios Loukas, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. The monastery is situated in an unspoiled natural environment ( pict 13, 14 ).
Our next and final stop is at the town of Livadia, in the place called “Krya” ( pict 15 ). There, you will enjoy the city’s waterfalls and beautiful natural environment.
We return to Athens, fully satisfied with the fantastic day we had.
Duration: 11 hours approx
Price: 280 €      (Charge applies per car and not per person)



  • Monastery of Hosios  Loukas-Arachova-Delphi-Thermopylae
This is the extension of the Delphi tour, so that you can visit Thermopylae.
Our new route is as follows: we make a short stop at Lake Yliki for photographs ( pict 1 ).
We then head towards the monastery of Hosios Loukas, through the village of Distomo, where we will stop and photograph the monument of citizens executed by the Nazis in World War 2.
We will then visit the monastery of Hosios Loukas, which is an UNESCO world heritage site
( pict 2, 3 ).
Our next stop is the Arachova village for pictures of the picturesque landscape ( pict 4 ).
Then we arrive at Delphi, and visit the archaeological site where you will see the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia,
( pict 5 ) the Gymnasium  ( pict 6 ) the Roman Agora ( pict 7 ), the Athenian Treasury ( pict 8 ), the theater
(pict 9 ),the Stadium , the Temple of Apollo, ( pict 10 ) in the basement of which (Abaton) the priestess
Pythia sat, and gave her prophecies and many more ( pict 11, 12 ). Then we will visit the dazzling museum
( pict 13, 14 ).
Once the visit is complete, we stop for lunch at the new village of Delphi.
Continuing our route, we make two short stops for photographs, and we reach Thermopylae. We make a short stop at the thermal waters which flow from the mountain of Parnassus.
Finally, we arrive in front of the monument of Leonidas ( pict 15 ), the eternal warrior who told the Persians his famous worlds “Molon Labe” which mean “come and get them”.
After taking pictures of the monument, we take the road back, having spent an amazing day full of new experiences and hundreds of photographs!
Duration: 12 hours approx
Price:  320 €      (Charge applies per car and not per person)