• Corinth Canal – Ancient Messene
We start our tour, driving on the Athens - Corinth National Road, having on our left the Saronic Gulf and the island of Salamis, where in 480 BC the famous battle of Salamis took place.
After about an hour, we make our first stop at the Corinth Canal. There, we will admire and take pictures of the magnificent Canal, which connects the Saronic with the Corinthian Gulf ( pict 1 ).
Leaving behind us the Corinth Canal, we head south in order to visit Ancient Messene.
This is an amazing archeological site, situation in a beautiful location, full of greenery.
The Ancient city of Messene was founded in 370 or 369 BC by the Theban general Epaminondas, after his victory over the Spartans.
Here, you can admire the imposing city wall and walk through the Arcadian Gate ( pict 2 ).
In this incredibly beautiful Ancient site ( pict 3 ), you can admire the Ancient theater ( pict 4 ),
the Ekklesiasterion (or Odeon) ( pict 5 ), the Arsinoe fountain ( pict 6 ) , the Asklepieion
( pict 7, 8 ), the Ancient stadium ( pict 9, 10, 11 ) and many more ( pict 12, 13 ).
 The small museum is situated just a few meters away ( pict 14,15 ).  
After your visit, we will have lunch in a traditional tavern in a nearby village.
After lunch, we will depart for Athens, wondering how such an amazing place like Messene is unknown to the general public.
Duration: 10 hours

The tour is private

The prices are per vehicle NOT per person

Sedan Mercedes ( 1-3 people )  300 euros Total

Minivan Mercedes (4-7 people ) 370 euros Total