Many years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers from the Alimos Marina have enabled me to learn your habits and needs.
I provide full service for all your needs. The number or the size of your luggage does not present a problem for me. I take you from the airport to the marina at the board rental agency, needing only the company or the vessel name. I drive you to the largest and most economical super market to shop for your supplies. I am waiting for you and we return in front of the boat. This allows for a possible visit as well as a short tour of the city. You have free recommendations or information about everything you need. When you leave, you have the following options:
1. Transfer directly to the airport or anywhere else.
2. If you have an afternoon or night flight, after checking out from the vessel and having put the luggage in the car trunk, we can take advantage of your free time by doing a tour of the city, and go to the airport at the required time. This ensures the safety of your luggage and your tour and transfer to the airport, by using the same taxi without any hassle.