My priorities are the safety of your transportation and the consistency in all appointments.
My characteristics are cleanliness, politeness and discretion.
Your taxi is a vehicle where Wi-Fi is available.
Arriving in Greece, you know that your taxi is already waiting for you. We meet in the arrivals hall in the usual way (I will be holding a banner with your name).
After our meeting, I drive you to your destination (hotel, apartment, etc.). In this way, your timely and secure transportation is ensured, with no complications.
There is no problem with a possible delay of your flight whatsoever, since I am constantly connected online with the airport’s arrivals board. So, I know the exact time of your arrival. 
If you need transportation for several or successive appointments, in different locations, I offer to you long hours or an all-day hire. There is no reason for anxiety or concern. Just give me the addresses and relax in the back seat.
Knowing Athens, as few drivers do, I can help you to take better advantage of the available time between your appointments. At the same time, depending on your time and mood, you can combine your appointment with a short sightseeing tour or even a lunch break.
I have extensive experience in the well know “POSIDONIA” International Shipping Exhibition where the meetings and appointments of the participants are always numerous (and so are the afternoon dinners and evening parties). Avoid the hassle of looking for a new driver every time you need transportation, as well as the potential risks resulting from it.
I am waiting for you in Athens, in order to offer you my best services!