It is well known that Greece produces the best wines in many varieties and flavors. Plenty of wineries are located in the area of ​​Nemea and Markopoulo, but also throughout Greece. Indicatively, I mention two of the most popular tours, though it is possible to visit other areas, such as Achaia, Arcadia etc, upon an e-mail request. 
  • Corinth Canal - Nemea


The Nemea region is located 140 kilometers from Athens and is famous for its vineyards and wine since ancient times. The local red wine, called “Agiorgitiko”, is the most famous of the area.
Nemea is considered the kingdom of Agiorgitiko wine.
The first 80 kilometers of the route are through the national road. You are given the chance to see the Corinth Canal, where we stop for a few minutes to take beautiful photos. The rest of our journey is through small villages in order to admire the vineyards and beautiful olive groves of the area.
Arriving at Nemea, we will visit wineries, where experts will give us a tour in the production areas. You can taste the local wines, and buy, if you wish, the ones you like.
After your visit is complete, we return to Athens.
Duration: 5-6 hours approx
Price: 160 €      (Charge applies per car and not per person)



 Markopoulo is located near the Attica Basin, about 30 kilometers from the center of Athens.
It is a famous area for making and bottling wine. In the surrounding district there are many interesting wineries and galleries that act as wine museums.
You have the opportunity to visit wineries and be guided by experts through the areas of producing, processing and bottling wine. In the local museums, you will also admire old tools and objects which were used in the production and bottling of wine.
Duration: 4 hours approx
Price: 100 €      (Charge applies per car and not per person)